Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

This 8-week evidence-based program provides a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness meditation that is engaging, challenging, and rewarding. Possible benefits include decreased physical and psychological symptoms such as pain, anxiety and low mood, increased sense of ease and well-being, and improved ability to cope with challenges. Through guided meditation, mindful movement, personal and group reflection, and daily home practice, participants have the opportunity to fully embrace the practice of mindfulness.

Practice Sessions

These sessions are designed for those who have taken a Sit Saskatoon class and would like support in restarting, sustaining, or deepen their mindfulness meditation practice. Through guided practices, teaching and discussion, participants will have an opportunity to reconnect with foundational practices, address practice challenges, and learn ways to incorporate mindfulness into daily life. 

The Second Half of Life:
Embracing the Possibilities

This 4-week course offers the opportunity to explore the implications of life’s inevitable changes. While our culture values the work of the first half of life — establishing ourselves in relationships, identity, home, and work — what about the second half? With mindfulness as the foundational practice, participants will explore their personal priorities, dreams, and values, and ultimately what they would like to focus on in the second half of their lives. New and experienced meditation practitioners are welcome.

Mindfulness 101

This 4-week course is designed specifically for those who are new to mindfulness meditation and would like an introduction to the practices and their potential benefits, such as increased focus, wellbeing, and ability to cope with challenges. Through guided practices, teaching and discussion, participants will learn what is meant by mindfulness, experience the foundational practices, and learn ways to incorporate brief practices into everyday life, relationships and work.