Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

A comprehensive, evidence-based 8-week training program for people who want to fully explore the benefits of mindfulness. Participants will have the opportunity to establish a solid foundation of mindfulness meditation practice, develop insight into habits and patterns of reactivity that contribute to difficulties and learn new ways to meet challenges with more flexibility, clarity, and ease. 

Making Peace with your Mind:
Developing a Mindfulness Practice

This 6-week course explores the way our thoughts impact our experience and our very lives. With support in developing a mindfulness practice, we will learn to cultivate more happiness and freedom. Through mindfulness and compassion we can develop insight into what creates, drives and disarms the inner critic, and learn to make peace with our minds. 

The Second Half of Life:
Embracing the Possibilities

A 4-week course exploring opportunities and challenges presented by the second half of life. Through mindfulness and other reflective practices, we will support each other in understanding and accepting changing roles, expectations, identities, appearances, and spirituality.