What to Expect

Participant resources include weekly handouts and links to guided meditations for home practice. Yoga mats and meditation benches (and chairs) are available on site for participant use.

Participants are encouraged to approach the program with curiosity. The learning in MBSR is experience-based; participants learn through doing the practice. Reflections (yours and other participants') on the experience (e.g., what happened, what was noticed) enhance learning and insight.

Mindfulness is also a skill that is developed through the practice of mindfulness mediation. In MBSR a significant part of weekly classes are devoted to guided practice, and daily home practice (20-45 minutes) is a part of the the commitment.

Each 2.5 hour class includes a variety of mindfulness practices (e.g., sitting, walking, gentle stretching) and a weekly theme that is explored through practices, activities and discussion.

Mindful movement is included in the practices (e.g., walking, gentle stretching). No level of skill is required. Mindful movement is not achievement based - there is no pose to get right. The focus is on awareness of sensations in the body and moving in a way that respects the limits of the body in that moment.

Self-care and commitment are cornerstones of this course. Participants are encouraged to listen to what is needed to make choices with compassion and courage. Home practice, for example, is central to what participants can learn from the course. Participants are responsible to themselves for seeing what is possible, given the changing circumstances in life, and encouraged to bring kindness and commitment to this endeavour.