Why SIT Saskatoon?

Why Here?

Saskatoon, on Treaty Six Territory and the homeland of the Metis, is a vibrant city undergoing rapid change, all the while remaining rooted in a sense of belonging and place. Not too big and not too small, Saskatoon fosters economic opportunity, youthful energy, creative collaboration, and is the perfect home for the SIT community. The urge to practice mindfulness meditation and to incorporate these mindset into daily life is growing in Saskatoon, and SIT is here to provide a place to bring these desires to fruition. We love this city, it’s people and its passions. Let’s sit together.

Why Now?

In the age of globalization, technology and change, we need more than ever to foster our ability to slow down, check in, and be present. At SIT, we believe that a regular mindfulness meditation practice has the power to change the way we see and interact with ourselves and the world around us. More than ever, we need to strengthen our ‘mindfulness muscles’ to sit with both the challenges and opportunities of our time.